13th Man


I am the 13th Man.
I support, with pride, my U.S. Ryder Cup team.
I value sportsmanship over partisanship.
I do not cheer failure.
At the Ryder Cup, putts are holed, arms go up,
dreams are claimed.
Men become legends.
And we, the witnesses,
take home memories we'll share forever.
I'll be watching. I'll be cheering.
I am the 13th Man.

The American Marshals

Why the

Why the

13th Man?

In the Ryder Cup, teams are made up of 12 players. However, it has become customary to refer to the fans of a team as "The 13th Man".

This title comes with pride and joy for us, the American Marshals. It's an honor for us to be able to cheer on the home team, no matter where they are.

We hope to inspire other Americans to do the same—so they too can become witnesses to dreams, legends, and memories.

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